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Spatial gestures

Architecture and spaces

With a foundation from architecture and design, it is with constant curiosity that Pneuma develops spaces and products that bring attention and focus to feel connected to our physical surroundings through delicate sensory stimulation.

Working as architects has brought along an essential understanding of the meaning of materiality – Materiality is a word Pneuma uses to describe sensory stimulation from a matter that doesn’t necessarily have a visual presence for our eyes to catch.

We are often used to referring to materials from a tangible standpoint – Mainly considering our surroundings from a visual aspect, but we often store impressions and characteristics of a space with all our senses; 

The subtle feeling of the ground when walking barefoot, the touch of a warm surface being heated by the sun, or the smell of a childhood home. All these impressions are evoked through invisible and intangible materialities, and they stay with us as a nuanced experience of a place and a moment.

Empirical Spirits

Tasting Lab

Framed by a glass curtain wall and airy, translucent textiles, the room emerges from the heart of the distillery.

Within the frames of the experimenting distillery of Empirical Spirits in Copenhagen, the ambition has been to support their curiosity and hospitality in a Tasting Room. 

In collaboration with Design Studies, all furniture pieces come as bespoke solutions – From a black serving table with matching stools as the centre piece of the space, to a playful shelving system to display their archive of ingredients, artefacts and stories from their many travels, just like an ever-changing Cabinet Of Curiosities, from where visitors can observe the buzzing life from the distillery. 

"We wanted to work with an overall organic concept, inspired by Empirical Spirits’ use of fermentation – letting materials interact and transform. Our ambition has been to translate their approach to flavours into a spacial atmosphere, where the senses are stimulated."

Under construction

Modular Circle House

Modular Circle House takes its form through thorough site-specific investigations; Looking into the climatic conditions and the surrounding landscape's inherent qualities – A landscape that is often exposed to winds coming from the West. On one side of the facade, the building's circular shape creates an enclosed wind barrier, while on the other side, it provides a shelter and opens up towards a beautiful landscape view.

The building's circular shape provides a coherent perspective through the house, where the scheme of the daylight and shifting seasons corresponds with the soft and organic shape of the building – Creating ever-changing atmospheric moments throughout the open and transparent interior.

"The project investigates how we as architects can create a sensible and atmospheric work environment where scale, dimensioning, materials, light conditions and access to nature truly matters when creating nourishing architecture."


A Sense of Dinesen

How do you record and collect the smell of a tree?

Together with Sissel Tolaas, artist and researcher, we journeyed from Schwarzwald – or the Black Forest – in Germany to Dinesen's main production site in Jels, Southern Denmark. Equipped with extraordinary recording gear and an inquiring mind – and nose – smells from the majestic Douglas trees were collected.

DD–1 is the name of an archive that consists of recorded molecules from where we can explore a wide variety of Dinesen Douglas smells. The archive results from Sissel Tolaas’ meticulous recordings that have been converted to molecules in her lab in Berlin.

DD–2 is the name of a Dinesen Douglas scent – Developed from the DD–1 archive, we have isolated specific molecules we found interesting to create an essence of Dinesen Douglas.

With DD–2 we invite you to take home the calming scent of Douglas and let it soothe your senses while rediscovering its magnificence through a different, invisible sense.