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  • Where is Pneuma located?

    We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Can I order samples?

    Yes you can. We recommend trying our Pneuma Pocket Stones, small pocket-sized stone samples infused with the Pneuma spatial fragrance of your choice.

    We have made it easy and fun to explore the different profiles of our spatial fragrance collection. For more information, please go to our products page.

  • Do you ship to all countries?

    We ship to all European countries for now, and we are working on offering global shipping soon.

  • Do you use all natural ingredients?

    No, our fragrances are composed using both raw, and laboratory-derived materials.

    Each of the raw materials used in Pneuma products are sustainably sourced from market-leading producers and distillers, adhering to the international workplace and environmental standards.

    Pneuma crafts fragrances that possess a balance. Great care and attention are taken throughout the materials sourcing process.

    Each Pneuma fragrance uses the highest quality, sustainable materials of natural origin and the most innovative manufactured aromatic materials.

    Pneuma products are not tested on animals. Raw materials that were traditionally animal by-products, such as Musk are of synthetic origin. Pneuma does not use animal-derived materials.

  • Does the appearance of a Pneuma Heavy Object vary?

    Yes, they do. Each Heavy Object is crafted in solid stone and has a unique expression due to its natural diversity. The Heavy Objects might differ slightly in size as the object is polished by hand.

  • How is a Pneuma spatial fragrance experience subjective?

    What some people might find pleasing and calming, others might find disturbing, because our previous encounter with a smell is stored deep in our subconscious. How we react and experience a smell often relates to earlier experiences from our past. Through our products, we aim to share the nuances and complexities of our most underestimated sense – The sense of smell.

  • What if I have an allergic reaction to one of your products?

    There is always a small risk of allergic reactions. Still, all our products live up to IFRA and EU regulatory standards. We do our very best to use the highest quality, sustainable materials of natural origin and the most innovative manufactured aromatic materials.

  • Can I use different Pneuma spatial fragrances on the same Heavy Object?

    Yes, you can. We have developed different fragrances that compliment each other when added on a Heavy Object. Over time, when adding more drops to your object, little by little will the intensity and volume of the fragrances build up and grow stronger.