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Studio Pneuma Perfume Collection

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Room fragrance collection

Diffusing objects and room fragrances

Sculptural diffusers

Heavy Objects

The Heavy Objects function as sculptural diffusers for the Studio Pneuma room fragrances of your choice, as well as decorative, tactile pieces for the home.

The Objects are crafted in solid stone – A natural material that stores thermal qualities, like the warmth from the sun. If you place a diffusing Object in a heated area and apply a few drops of a Studio Pneuma room fragrance, the warmth adds movement to the evaporation. It provides an enhanced and pure fragrance experience.

Studio Pneuma

Room fragrances

With the three different room fragrance profiles, we dig into how a smell experience can connect us to a physical space, providing a surrounding calm, nourishing and intimate environment.

Floating Leaf, Drying Oak, and Worn trigger our memories of tangible materials, landscapes, and spaces – They each describe a longing to be grounded in something familiar and pleasant.

Each profile is carefully composed to provide a nuanced and stimulating experience – emphasizing a curiosity for craftsmanship and materials of high quality.

Apply 2-3 drops of fragrance oil to your desired Studio Pneuma Object, and let it absorb and diffuse the fragrance in its pure form.