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Room fragrances & diffusing objects

Choose between the three different room fragrance profiles, Floating Leaf, Drying Oak, and Worn, and apply drops of fragrance directly onto a Studio Pneuma Heavy Object. This sculptural and tactile piece functions as a diffuser and a decorative sculpture.

Studio Pneuma creates products that explore how a sensory experience can connect us to a physical space, a form, a materiality, a self.

Diffusing objects

The Heavy Objects function as decorative, tactile diffusers for the Studio Pneuma room fragrances of your choice.

The objects are crafted in solid stone – A natural material that stores thermal qualities, like the warmth from the sun. So if you place the object in a heated area and apply it with a Studio Pneuma room fragrance, the warmth adds movement to the evaporation of the fragrance, allowing for an enhanced spatial smell experience.

The corporeal and organic shapes of the objects are created by looking into the soft, muscular expressions of the human body. Each object relates to the form and scale of the body.

"The idea of Pneuma started when I was an architecture student. I often felt disconnected from my surroundings, disappearing into my thoughts and lacking an understanding of my physical presence. I, later on, learned the power of smell molecules when adding them to myself – in small waves of air movement, I became aware of my body, and it made me feel connected to my physical form and surroundings, providing me with calm and ease; it made me feel empowered. We believe the sense of smell is our most sophisticated sense – When we pay attention to it and feel it, we react and succumb to it immediately." - Camilla Boccardi Christensen