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Emotional Objects

The airborne qualities of smell molecules allow for a continuous play of transforming the invisible character of a smell experience into a tangible, physical form.

Studio Pneuma launches a limited edition bespoke 100 ml perfume bottle, formed to fit the hand in a soft and corporeal expression.

Each bottle is a unique mouth-blown glass piece produced in Denmark.

The bottles are stackable, adding a corporeal, playful expression to the collection.

The collection explores how wearing perfume can evoke an awareness of the body and connect us to real-time, to our physical surroundings, and a self.

Notes on nostalgia

The perfume collection explores the meaning of nostalgia from a curious and contemporary perspective, digging into a world of intriguing materials, from synthetic and constructed to natural and bare.

The three perfume compositions are contemporary, playful, and thought-provoking, capturing an essence of treasured moments in time defined by a younger generation.

Each perfume profile reflects different stories and memories of places, people, atmospheres, and times.
Some of them evolve and transform into something new and unexpected. Others are direct and persistent from the very beginning.

The up-and-coming perfumes result from a playful approach to investigating the emotional connections that a smell experience that goes beyond the expected triggers inside us.