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Spatial Experience Set

Tiny Object–01, a smaller fragrance diffuser, is offered as a set in combination with a spatial fragrance of your choice. Choose between our three different room fragrance profiles; Floating Leaf, Drying Oak and Worn.

Tiny Object–01 is suitable for the intimate areas in your home.
Its smaller size makes it easy to move the fragrance experience around, placing it near to where you are throughout the day.

If you place the diffusing object in a heated area and apply drops of your chosen Pneuma spatial fragrance, the warmth will add movement to the evaporation of the fragrance.

Pneuma's solid stone diffusers provide a pure and adjustable fragrance experience, letting other smell impressions coexist within the same space.

We recommend applying a few drops of your desired Pneuma room fragrance onto the object, letting it absorb and naturally diffuse the fragrance. 

When doing so, the inherent porous qualities within the pure stone material come to life, adding a new poetic dimension to the sculptural piece and the intimate space surrounding it.  

When adding more drops to your object, little by little will the intensity and volume of the fragrance build up and grow stronger. 

Each object is crafted in solid stone and has a unique expression due to its natural diversity.  

Diameter: 110 mm 
Height:  46,3 mm
Weight: 1 kilo

Size might differ slightly as the stone is polished by hand.

We recommend wiping Tiny Object–01 with a dry cotton cloth now and then after the fragrance oil is completely absorbed.

Please don't use any cleaning products on the object, as it will negatively affect the performance of the stone material and pollute the Pneuma room fragrance profile.

Spatial Experience Set